Company Culture

A willingness to challenge, suggest and improve is fostered at every level. Personal development is encouraged – people make esure and we aim to nurture our talent.

Although well-established, the esure Group has retained the culture of a start-up business in many ways. Our structure is lean and flat. Our senior management team is accessible and approachable. Doors are left open.

With an entrepreneur at the helm, a can-do mentality is prevalent among our staff at all levels. Change is harnessed, not shunned. There is a team approach to growing our business and there is a real drive across our company to succeed - both at a business and an individual level.

esure has fostered empowerment among staff with its OPEN initiative that seeks to ensure that every person within the business understands, not only that every customer counts, but that it is people who make our company. This is why we aim to nurture talent alongside excellent service.

Personal development is encouraged at esure and ideas count. Our thirst for productivity and efficiency means we seek to harness ideas, big and small, from every level of the company. Productive and efficient is what esure is all about. Succeeding in a fast-paced industry requires a dynamic, creative team that challenges how things are “usually” done and strives for excellence.

esure gives its staff an environment where each can reach his or her true potential and be rewarded accordingly.

We also take our Corporate and Social Responsibility seriously. Our staff contribute to our activities with local and national causes and charities. We recognise that we are a community that lives inside the local communities we try to support.

esure also aims to drive change with support for ground-breaking initiatives such as the Safe Drive, Stay Alive programme of events for young drivers and our research into fitness to drive.