Our Offices

The esure Group has three modern offices which have been designed with our staff in mind, offering spacious and stylish working environments.

The combination of excellent people, superb infrastructure and a can-do ethic makes Glasgow a perfect place to do business.

The Observatory

esure’s head office is located in the bustling market town of Reigate in Surrey and houses nearly 300 staff. Most of the company’s central business functions are located here including: IT, Finance, Marketing, Communications, Underwriting, Pricing, Corporate Analysis, Legal and Human Resources.

The Meridian

esure’s flagship building in central Manchester is part of the City’s main commercial hub. Over 500 staff work mainly on Claims handling, Technical Services, Sales, Underwriting and Customer Service.

The Equinox

Based in the heart of Glasgow’s financial services district, The Equinox, is home to nearly 800 esure staff with the majority handling sales, customer service and claims enquiries. Opened in 2002, esure has continued to invest and expand its operations in Scotland. In 2009, esure received a Regional Selective Assistance grant of £1.4m from the Scottish Government to support its ongoing growth plans.