Nomination Committee


The Nomination Committee is chaired by Sir Peter Wood, and its other members are Maria Dolores Dancausa, Shirley Garrood and Alan Rubenstein. The Nomination Committee, meet at least two times a year, or more frequently if required.

The Nomination Committee’s terms of reference state that a majority of its members must be independent non-executive directors.

Appointments to the Nomination Committee are made by the Board, and are for a period of up to three years, which may be extended for further periods of up to three years, provided the director whose appointment is being considered still meets the criteria for membership.

The responsibilities of the Committee include reviewing the size, structure and composition of the Board and ensuring that the Board comprises the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience. The Committee oversees the search and selection for new Directors and succession planning for Executives. The Committee’s Chairman reports formally to the Board on its proceedings after each meeting.

The Nomination Committee will also generate a report to be included in the Company’s annual report. This will describe the activities of the Nomination Committee including the process used to make appointments and explain if external advice or open advertising has not been used.

The Nomination Committee Chairman will be available at the Annual General Meetings of the Company to respond to questions from shareholders on the activities of the Nomination Committee.

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