Sheilas’ Wheels Broker

esure Group launched Sheilas’ Wheels Broker in November 2011 using a panel of external insurers to broaden our iconic brand’s reach within the car insurance market.

In keeping with the values of our leading female-focused brand, all Sheilas’ Wheels Broker customers benefit from bag cover as standard with the added convenience of being able to manage their policies online.

Broker: complementing our direct footprint

Expanding our customer base also gives us more opportunities to promote our additional insurance products without the risks associated with directly underwriting the business.

Drivers with higher-performance cars, specialist requirements or multiple claims can now get on board with Sheilas’ Wheels Broker.


Sheilas’ Wheels Broker Model Driver 

Following the success of Broker, in January 2013, we launched into another first for the Group – Telematics.

Sheilas’ Wheels Broker Model Driver is largely aimed at the young female driver market who have seen some of the largest premium increases since the introduction of gender-neutral pricing. However, those facing hefty insurance premiums could benefit from Telematics to help reduce what they pay by using in-car technology to prove they really are safer drivers.

Sheilas’ Wheels Broker Model Driver: using technology to go the extra mile in rewarding safer drivers.

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