Sheilas’ Wheels

In 2005, no one could have predicted the impact the Sheilas’ Wheels brand would have on the women’s car insurance market and the country as a whole. The iconic ladies in pink sequins and the catchy jingle set the brand firmly into the British psyche.

Sheilas’ Wheels captured the public imagination spawning copy-cat acts and tributes that helped to seal our brand in the minds of potential customers…

Within two years of launching, Sheilas’ Wheels became the most well known female car insurance brand amongst women aged 25 – 55.*

With the dawn of the social media age, Sheilas’ Wheels shifted its focus to the strong female audiences that new channels such as Facebook deliver. The brand has grown a huge audience of female fans, delivering fun, educational content and videos to over 65,000 followers.

The fact that so many people engage with what our brand represents has its business benefits too: the Sheilas’ Wheels brand expanded naturally into home. Its female dominant customer base and customer loyalty – thanks in part to innovative benefits such as bag cover - are testament to the longevity of a brand designed “with women in mind”.

*Unprompted awareness of motor insurance providers among ABC1C2 women aged 25-55 from the GfK FRS, June to August 2007

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