Our business model, supported by our strategic priorities, drives growth, quality and returns.

Our strategic focus

We are focused on delivering better outcomes for customers rewarding their loyalty and providing empathetic end-to-end claims experience all underpinned by high levels of service.

We have scale, heritage and expertise providing peace of mind to our 2 million customer base. We are building on this heritage in two ways:

  • through the use of proprietary data combined with scale machine learning models to enhance capability across our entire business
  • by investing in an entire technology ecosystem to create a leading digital insurer.

We have strong insurance DNA throughout the organisation that has been enhanced by colleagues with a proven track record in some of the most technologically advanced industries. Our culture is increasingly centred on a continual test learn/optimise approach that drives a culture of innovation.

We seek to make everyday life safer and more sustainable for everyone.

We are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment, to inspire more sustainable choices by customers and colleagues and to promote awareness of the importance of road safety.

What we do

Investment case

The Group is well positioned to drive value and is looking to do so by focusing on our three key priorities:

Our mission is to become the UK’s ‘go to’ digital personal lines insurer and as a result deliver long term sustainable growth for the Group.

The Group has over 2 million In-force Policies and delivers award winning customer service. While we distribute directly to consumers using our established brands, the majority of our distribution is through Price Comparison Websites, the customers’ channel of choice.

We have an opportunity to serve more customers’ home and motor insurance needs through the cautious growth of our competitive underwriting footprint.

Our Game Changer strategy is bringing together digital transformation with our customer-centric approach to build a significant competitive advantage in this highly fragmented, profitable market.

We recognise that there will be periods when market conditions are not conducive to near term growth and, in those circumstances, we will take a long term view and demonstrate pricing discipline at the expense of short term growth.

In addition to maintaining our core insurance disciplines our Blueprint programme is building an advanced digital platform. The speed and flexibility of the platform will enable a low cost personalised customer experience that will use advanced data science to optimise customer service, will aid the expansion of propositions offered and the management of insurance risk.

We have an experienced, high calibre and diverse management team with deep expertise in insurance, technology, customer experience and data to allow the Group to deliver on its promise to fix insurance for good.

The combination of the Group’s trading and underwriting performance with its efficient balance sheet structure is expected to deliver strong profitability over the medium term. Our disciplined financial and risk management approach and cautious reserving philosophy give the Group its strong balance sheet.

We expect our Game Changer strategy to support already strong underwriting, pricing and claims management discipline through further automation and data science capabilities.