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We want to become a truly diverse and inclusive organisation; a company where everybody feels at home – customers, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and communities. This means building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the customers we proudly serve, and striving to create an environment where people from all backgrounds and beliefs feel respected, are treated equally and can thrive.

We believe promoting a culture of inclusion and diversity is not only the right thing to do, it makes great business sense. We believe the perspectives and experiences of our colleagues should reflect the diversity of our customer base so we truly understand and meet the needs of all our customers.

We also know a diverse and inclusive workplace will enable us to attract and retain the best talent, reduce risk and improve decision-making.

Gender pay

While we have a gender-neutral approach to pay across all levels of the organisation, which means people performing the same job are paid the same, there is a gender pay gap – a difference in the average pay between men and women within the company because we have a greater proportion of men in senior roles. We are working to close this gap.

We expanded our reporting in 2022 to include ethnicity pay gap data. We believe being transparent about the diversity of our workforce is an important step towards understanding our demographic.

You can view our most recent reports via the links below.

Focus for 2024

Our Board Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Policy (‘I&D Policy’) reinforces our commitment to promote equity, inclusion, diversity and fairness. It includes commitments to:

  • ensure inclusion and diversity are part of everything we do, from how we treat customers to how we work together every day as colleagues.
  • work to a reconfirmed target of 33% female members in our senior team by the end of 2024 and to achieve our longer-term ambition of having each level in the organisation as broadly 50/50 male/female; and
  • create an environment that nurtures individual differences and ensuring that the contributions of all colleagues are recognised and valued.

Our Chief Technology Officer is our Inclusion and Diversity Executive Sponsor. In collaboration with the Inclusion and Diversity working group and taking into account the findings of our inclusion and diversity survey, we remain committed to offering flexibility to all, creating an inclusive recruitment approach that drives diversity and creating a truly inclusive culture where people have the confidence and empowerment to be themselves. We commit to helping and enabling our colleagues to really understand and engage with our DE&I strategy, whilst tracking and reporting our progress towards it.

Track and report progress

We are a signatory of the HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter (WIFC), committed to increasing gender diversity in senior management.

We have set a target of 33% female colleagues in our senior team by the end of 2024, and our longer term ambition is to have a 50:50 male:female structure at every level of the organisation. When we signed up to the Charter in 2017, we had 33% female representation in senior roles. As of January 2024, we have 31% female representation in senior management. We continue our focus on building our talent pool and creating a truly inclusive recruitment process, driving an inclusive culture across the organisation, including tangible support for our women in leadership roles. Our current forecast shows that despite this work and our ongoing commitment to driving diversity, we are at risk of not meeting our Charter target by the 2024 deadline. Our ongoing transformation to a truly digital business is causing a challenge with availability of female talent in the Technology and Data sectors, but we are working to mitigate this risk with initiatives across the business and will review our forecast and position on an ongoing basis.

In 2023 we are delighted to have partnered with Circl to provide the opportunity for our colleagues to join their ‘Be a Leader, Build a Leader’ coaching programme. Circl is a socially-conscious leadership development programme that provides professionals and young adults with coaching skills.

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Education and awareness campaigns

At esure Group, we recognise and celebrate diversity. Through our inclusion & diversity community, we raise awareness of a broad range of cultural events based on our Inclusion and Diversity calendar – designed by colleagues for colleagues. Our community offers colleagues a chance to connect, share experiences and drive change.

LGBTQIA+ – We are passionate supporters of LGBTQIA+. We actively celebrate local and national Pride events, as well as attending the Dive In Festival, the annual global event to drive inclusion and diversity in our industry.

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Support flexibility for all

Being an inclusive employer that promotes flexible working is important as we recognise the value of flexible working in attracting talent, enabling a more diverse workforce. We have signed up to the Association of British Insurers’ Making Flexible Work Charter and are committed to supporting flexible working throughout the company.

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Inclusive recruitment

We take steps to ensure inclusivity and actively drive diversity at every step in our talent acquisition process. We use Textio software to ensure there is no gender-biased language in our job adverts, role profiles or communications. We also train our hiring managers and interviewers to be fully confident in inclusive hiring techniques.

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Drive an inclusive and balanced workforce

We are a proud partner of Women in Technology, Women in Data ® and Girls in Data so we can learn and become a force for change. We have a strong internal network of colleagues who work hard to support more women into STEM subjects, showcase our women working in data roles, and light-up the path to a successful data career within the insurance sector.

These partnerships support our diverse recruiting needs, build a diverse workforce and increase allyship females in these roles. Their diverse job boards, networks and brand partnerships allow us to broaden our reach to female talent.